What we do

On whom exports and imports goods, or trades in excise products, lays the obligation to declare them to customs. One is confronted with all kinds of operations that must be carried out in order to comply with, inter alia, customs legislation.

As a customs service provider it's a true pleasure to assist and, where appropriate, in our capacity as authorized customs broker, represent you while fulfilling those formalities. With our in-house developed software-as-a-service solutions, we are committed to automation and digitization.

Changes in the legal framework of the international flow of goods are today more than ever changing in a tearing rush. Transfluvia is following these changes day by day, and sees it as her task to help you through this tangle of customs, VAT and excise procedures.

For all your questions you can always contact us, without any obligation.

More about us

Transfluvia is a family business whose roots go back to the 19th century. Our firm was founded in 1825 by Mrs. widow Biard and had as purpose the pulling of sloops by horses on canals and rivers.

With the foundation of Belgium in 1830 we received the registration number 0012 of the border forwarding agents. Today, Tranfluvia is still operating under this number. In France, Transfluvia's registration number as a customs representative is 5382 and in the Netherlands we operate under approval number NL00740328391.

The customs authorities consider Transfluvia as a reliable partner and have therefore rewarded Transfluvia by delivering the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) authorisation BEAEOC0000084GDGthe quality label for customs processes.