Veterinary & phytosanitary inspections

Some goods are subject to special sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) import controls that must be carried out at the first point of entry into the territory of the European Union before being released for placing under a customs procedure.

Live animals, products of animal origin, feed and food of non-animal origin subject to an increased level of official controls, plants and plant products therefore require a pre-arrival notification to the competent health authorities before their entry.

The operator responsible for a consignment falling within the above mentioned categories of animals and goods has, in principle, to give prior notification, to the competent authority of the border control post of first arrival into the Union, at least one working day before the expected arrival of the consignment.

We can assist you! We can do so at all Belgian border control posts, Dunkirk (FR), Calais-Ferry (FR) and Calais-Tunnel (FR).